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You have to understand. I come from a line of very crafty people. My sister paints, one niece can knit anything out of a ball of yarn...oh and she paints and wood carves and makes jewelery. The other niece designs things and then sews them and then my great niece...well we will just call her insanely crafty. They all have blogs where they show all of their wonderful things they do. So, that brings me here. I decided I wanted a blog too, but what to write about. I'm not insanely crafty, can't paint, don't wood carve, tried knitting-didn't work....hummm, what do I do? Well, I like to cook and travel and eat, so I thought maybe we can start there. My blog will be about recipes I've made, places I go and restaurants I eat at with a few other things thrown in along the way. I've also heard that writing is good for you brain, so I figure-as I'm getting older now-this could be a good thing. So anyway, if you find my rantings worth commenting over, I'd love to hear from you. If I post a recipe you like, please let me know, other wise you can keep your opinions to yourself. This, after all, is my blog to make myself feel better, to try and compete with my family, because I don't do anything crafty.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer finally made it to California!!

Well, nothing has really been going on to exciting in my world right now. Sometimes that is good. Just the usual dailiness of life. Since summer has finally made it here, yesterday was a day spent in the yard, re-landscaping.

Three years ago when we when we had our pool built and the yard landscaped, 150 plants and palm trees were put in the yard. Now statically speaking, they say for every 10 plants planted two or three will die. Well, that didn't happened. Everything has lived and flourished. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Last year I had to pull out the fountain grass which I found out I was very allergic to. Fountain grass has barbs on the grass blades that slice your arms in such a way you don't know you have been cut until the welts start coming. It looked like I had been beat with a whip and it made me feel not so good. Won't ever have that in a yard again.

So, when the landscaper put in the bushes he put in about 12 lavender plants. Unless you have an acre and you want half of it to be taken over by lavender, don't plant it. So yesterday I started pulling up the lavender. Normally I would have left this to the Money Man to do, but we have found out he is allergic to the lavender. Makes his sinuses go nuts. So it was left to me. I ended up pulling up eight of the bushes. I found flowers underneath them that are now breathing a sigh of relief. The lavender had encroached on everything. I was able to get some of them in the green garbage before they came yesterday. This is the left over pile I need to work on in the next couple of days.
I replanted some day lilies that the voles ate last year. Yes voles! Nasty little critters that think that day lilies are tasty treats. Thanks to a lovely man named Wallace we no longer have voles. I have a treaty with critters and creepy crawly things-you stay out of my house and yard and you get to live. It works for me. But I've deviated.

Anyway, I think the yard looks much better now. Not so overgrown. I think I am going to add a couple more plants up on the top of the hill where I took out the lavender, but I think it looks good for now. After all that it was time to sit in the pool, which I did. Happy Summer Everyone!!


  1. Wow! What a way to live. (not the plant pulling part...) ;-)

    Nice pool! Nice landscaping! I do believe this is what everyone thinks about when they think about living in CA.!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. awe poor lavender, it doesn't grown here! Have you ever thought about free listing it on craiglist I know people do it here. You set a time and if they want they plant they come dig it up and take it... just a though :)